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Frequently asked questions about TrainTraxx

What is TrainTraxx?
TrainTraxx is an online learning management system focused on safety training. TrainTraxx specializes in making the management of your employees’ training as easy as possible.
Is any software required?
No additional software is required to use TrainTraxx. A standard web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and an Internet connection is the only requirement.
How do I add a new (trainee, course, group)?
Once logged into the admin side of the application, you will see a menu with these categories at the top of the screen. Select the category you want, then click “Add New …”
Can I upload my own training, such as a document or video, into the TrainTraxx management system?

Yes! You can upload training materials in document form (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc) or video (MP4 or a link to a streaming video), as well as a multiple choice exam.

How do I assign a course to a trainee?
The first way to assign a course to a trainee is to use groups to automatically register trainees. As long as a trainee and course are in a group together, TrainTraxx will make sure the trainee is registered for that course at the appropriate time. Another way to assign courses to trainees, is to register trainees for courses manually on the registration page. This is useful for courses that are not recurring and only need to be taken once.
Can I enter in-person or classroom training into this system?

Yes! You can record training completed outside of the TrainTraxx management system and even upload a roster for the class.

How do groups work?

Groups allow you to put your company’s training management on autopilot. When trainees and courses are in the same group, TrainTraxx can register all trainees in the group for for each course also in that group. The system will not register those within the group who already have valid training in the course. When a trainee completes a course in the group, TrainTraxx will register the employee for course training before theirs is to expire.

Can reports be exported?
Yes, both the exception report and the training report can be downloaded as a CSV file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
How do I change my password?
On the login page for Admin, click “Don’t remember your password?” and enter your email address to start the process. You will then receive an email allowing you to change your password.
What if I need help creating safety training materials, or need training courses personalized for my facility?
Tennessee Valley Training Center, the nonprofit company that developed TrainTraxx, also specializes in creating safety training, tailored to your company’s specific needs. Contact TVTC for more information about additional training options.

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