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The TrainTraxx team is ready to help setup your account, provide expert consulting, and give ongoing support for your safety training needs.

Fast, easy setup of TrainTraxx

Initial setup of a new TrainTraxx account takes only minutes. Simply provide your company’s name and email address, then receive a verification email with your login information and instructions. Additionally, you can add your employees and training materials, or have the TrainTraxx team assist you in importing your database.

Fully customizable

As you complete the TrainTraxx setup, you have the ability to add your company’s logo to the homepage and trainee login pages. In addition to importing your own training courses, our developers at TrainTraxx can help develop custom courses specifically for your company’s needs. Administrators also have options to personalize groups, course lists, hierarchy, reporting, trainee registrations, and more.

Technical support

Our industry-trained experts are ready to assist you with fast responses to support requests. We can quickly help with troubleshooting and technical instruction. Response time for support requests are typically within 24 hours. Critical support requests, affecting functionality, are responded to immediately. Submit support requests to