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TrainTraxx helps human resource directors and employees maintain essential industrial safety training.

How TrainTraxx keeps your employee safety training on track

FREE industrial safety training courses

Not only can you upload your own courses, but licensees have access to ten FREE safety courses through TrainTraxx. These courses are the most common industrial safety courses required. Additional customization services are available to modify these courses to fit your company’s needs.

Management features

Use TrainTraxx management features to create a “group” of employees and register all trainees at once for upcoming courses. Once registered, trainees will receive an automatic registration notification. Through TrainTraxx, you can also setup automatic registrations for certifications that expire and must be renewed often.

Easy to use

The TrainTraxx online safety training system is easy to use. TrainTraxx provides straightforward user interface and admin features including easy navigation, practical reporting, course management, employee management and tracking, group features, and notifications.

Fully customizable

Keep your online safety training organized in one central location. Make the TrainTraxx online safety learning system your company’s training home by customizing the interface with your logo. Also, upload your company’s personalized database for employees, courses, training history and more.

Analytics and reporting

Administrators can utilize TrainTraxx to generate automatic reporting, as well as setup supervisor levels for easy management of employee training. Reports can be emailed to admins and/or supervisors at a chosen frequency such as daily, weekly, or monthly.


Unlimited access to training courses, along with course modification options, can cut employee training cost in half. Licenses costs are based upon the number of active employees and allows multiple admins at no extra cost.

Modern development

TrainTraxx continuously develops new features, materials, and functions based on industry trends and best practices, as well as company requests.